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Securing Boeing Aircraft During The 737 Max Groundings

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Emerald City IT's founder Correo Hofstad is an active Air Marshal with the United States Air Force Security Forces Police. In 2020, Hofstad was part of a global initiative to secure Boeing aircraft and airline networks from a string of cyber-attacks that led to multiple airliner crashes.

In 2019 and 2020, Boeing grounded all 737 Max Airliners after a wave of lethal crashes. The crashes were tracked to an airliner vulnerability which exposed the airliner's wifi networks to cyber-attacks. Hacked cell phone towers containing illegally installed directional wifi antennas were found near multiple airports. A software called QCSuper was used to infiltrate Boeing's "Que" software which is used to control the aircraft and operate autopilot commands. QCSuper was being used to gain Que Control at the Superuser Level. QCSuper allowed attackers to send faulty engine commands to airliner computer systems which led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians and military personnel.

QCSuper attacks were attributed to the September 11th, 2001 airliner hijackings which led to the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. Small Que terminals were snuck onto Boeing airliners in the early morning of 9/11. The Que terminals were connected at the front of the passenger cabins to a terminal port used for credit card readers. Hijackers were able to use box cutters and the Que system joystick and throttle commands to take over the entire airliners and crash the jets into multiple civilian buildings.

In 2020 Hofstad participated in a mass installation of WatchGuard firewalls in all Boeing aircraft including military aircraft. CQSuper has been stopped and Washington's own local technology companies worked together to solve a global solution. Emerald City IT uses Watchguard security appliances to secure and support local businesses in Washington State. We hope to never have another global security breach that causes loss of life. If we ever do see such an emergency, Watchguard is available 24 hours a day for immediate remedy.

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