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Emerald City has over a decade in computer water damage recovery and repair. We are able to rush delivery of replacement boards or components to Seattle, WA.

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Laptop Liquid Damage Recovery Steps:

Emerald City IT recommends powering down, removing batteries and components, wiping down the computer or laptop, placing it upside down over a dry towel in a warm dry area, and calling Emerald City IT at (206) 657-6685.

  1. Shut down the laptop and remove all power sources attached to your device. Don’t waste your time shutting down the laptop through Windows, just hold down the power button and turn it off.

  2. Remove the battery and any external hardware including USB devices, chargers, memory cards, or mice. Many laptops don’t allow the user to remove the battery.

  3. Wipe all liquid off of the computer or laptop surface to make sure that no excess liquid gets inside the laptop.

  4. Place a towel or lint-free cloth on a flat surface and open the laptop wide (depending on its flexibility) and set it face-down at the towel. Gravity will help the towel catch and absorb liquid within the laptop.

  5. Make sure that the area where you are keeping your device is warm and dry. You can use a humidifier. DO NOT use a hairdryer to speed up the process as it can unevenly heat components of your laptop, which may melt the solder and cause breaks and shorts in your circuit boards.

  6. Keep the laptop in the same upside-down position without disturbing it. Wipe away the liquid found on the surface or keyboard while keeping the laptop in this position.

  7. Call Emerald City IT at (206) 657-6685 ASAP. The previous steps are only designed to mimize damage until your laptop or electronic device can be dismanteled and thouroughly cleaned.

Emerald City IT Water Damage Recovery Process

Emerald City IT technicians immediately dismantle your laptop and soak your motherboard and components in a special solution that contains solvents that push out the foreign liquids. Solvents used by Emerald City IT are chemically designed to evaporate immediately after your laptop, components, and connectors have been washed. Emerald City IT takes extreme caution in cleaning oxidized (corroded) areas with a soft brush. Your laptop components are left to dry on a warm, dry workbench for at least 24 hours.

Once your laptop’s motherboard and components are completely dry, Emerald City IT technicians can begin reassembling your hardware. Once your laptop or computer is assembled, our technicians begin testing components for damage. Emerald City IT sources motherboards and components to repair your damaged laptop or computer. Most computer parts and hardware are available by rush delivery to Seattle, WA. Once damaged components have been replaced, your device is thoroughly tested. You may pick up your computer or laptop or an Emerald City IT technician can deliver it to your home or workplace.

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Seattle's Water Damaged Computer Repair Experts

Water and spill damage is a common computer problem in Seattle, WA. Emerald City IT sees water damage from devices left in backpacks during Seattle’s rainy weather, or from spilled drinks during exciting Seahawks and Mariners games. Many times, Seattle’s working-class spills their coffee on a business laptop causing spill damage. Maybe you had a few too many drinks in Belltown, Capitol Hill, or Pioneer Square and spilled beer, wine, or even champagne on your computer or laptop. Don’t forget the kids, children in Seattle are spilling juice, milk, and all types of liquids on computers, laptops, and mobile phones every day.

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Emerald City IT Fights Oxidation, Shorts, and Burns! - Water Damage Repair

When a liquid enters a computer, laptop, or other electronic device it soaks computer boards, processor chips, resistors, transistors inside and out. Even if your laptop looks dry from the outside, liquids are lodged beneath circuits waiting to create an electrical short. When liquids come in contact with electricity and electrical components, they oxidize circuits and wiring. The heat from this REDOX reaction burns insulation and can cause shorts and breaks in your motherboard and other components.

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Never Use Rice to Dry Electronics - Electronics Water Damage - Wat Laptop

NEVER put rice in (or around) your wet computer. The decomposition of damp rice will further damage your computer’s motherboard and components. Rice excretes phytic acid which will cause additional damage to a laptop or computer, further adding to the corrosion from the liquid spill. Rice grains can lodge themselves in a laptop’s ports, USB slots, between circuits, or within the computer ventilation.

Emerald City IT recommends powering down, removing batteries and components, wiping down the computer or laptop, placing it upside down over a dry towel in a warm dry area, and calling Emerald City IT at (206) 657-6685.

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